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In order to make the algorithm for the calculation of the elven date, I first got inspiration from two texts from the Internet. I do not completely agree with them, but they served as a very important basis for the whole logic.

The Quendian Calendar and the Six Seasons

Here is a very interesting text taken from the iOS application "ElvenSpeak" and the apparent author is Dave Woosley. The author tries to find something to justify the aparent complexity of the elven calendar and find a way to apply it in a real-world setup. I am glad to reckon he managed to do so.

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Adaptation from the Gregorian reckoning

The second text is attributed to Boris Shapiro. Here the author tries to fill the gap left by a missing start point of the elvish calendar and uses the Gregorian calendar as a basis. Apart from a few differences to my approach, his solution is pretty much effective and logic.

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